The hall of mirrors has for a long time been a hit at fairgrounds up and down the country and it is fair to say that the hall of mirrors is an absolute fairground classic. We have a large variety of fairground shows available but our hall of mirrors is always a popular choice. Hall of mirror hire is a fantastic choice from our fabulous array of fairground entertainment. We have many fun fair attractions, such as side stalls, food stalls, large inflatables, and even large-scale fairground rides available, and the silly mirrors fall nicely into the category. A fairground mirror, as I’m sure you’re aware, distorts the reflection and all six of our fairground mirrors distort the reflection in various ways, keeping all guests amused. This makes funfair mirror hire unique in its universal appeal.

You can hire crazy mirrors for any type of event, and we have supplied our fairground mirror hire to fairground themed parties, corporate functions, family fun days, children’s parties, and more. A fairground hall of mirrors can be delivered to any venue up and down the country, with funfair mirrors suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. You can also hire fairground mirrors seven days a week, throughout the year. If you are hosting a corporate function or launch party, you can brand the silly mirrors to advertise your new project, as well as having the choice of two colours, giving you the chance to theme the entertainment.

To find out more about our hall of mirrors and how you can hire silly mirrors for your next event, give our sales team a call. We can talk you through all your available options and open your eyes to fantastic package deals we have to offer. You can hire hall of mirrors by themselves or as part of an entertainment package, including other fairground attractions, such as the hook-a-duck and dart-a-card side stall, candy floss machines, giant slides, bouncy castles, Ferris Wheels, Waltzers, and many more. Our fun fair mirrors are fun for all ages so take advantage of this fantastic crazy mirrors service by calling our sales team today. Hire funfair mirrors and you won’t be disappointed, as this entertainment option can stand anywhere in the venue without distracting too much from the main entertainment or focus of your event, whilst offering guests the chance to come and go as they please. As mentioned before, these silly mirrors have a universal appeal as all guests can enjoy looking at their distorted reflections.